GEL 12V 75Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

GEL batteries, also known as gel lead-acid batteries, are a special type of lead-acid battery. Compared with traditional liquid lead-acid batteries, GEL batteries add silica gel (GEL) to the electrolyte to make the electrolyte form a gel state.

Additional information

Battery Type

GEL 12V 75Ah




268*170*220 mm (Length*Width*Height ±3 mm)


21.7Kg ± 3%

Product Details:


Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 75Ah
Dimension 268*170*220 mm
Approx Weight 21.7Kg ± 3%
Terminal F11
Container Material ABS/ABS V0 (Optional)
Max. Discharge 750A(5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 7.3mΩ
Discharge Temperature  -40℃~50℃(-40℉~122℉)
Charge Temperature  -20℃~45℃(-4℉~113℉)
Storage Temperature  -20℃~40℃(-4℉~ 104℉)
Nominal Operating Temp  25℃±5℃(77℉±5℉)
Standby Use Voltage  13.7 V~13.9 V @ 25℃  Temperature Compensation: -3mV/℃/Cell
Cycle Use Voltage  14.6 V~14.8 V @ 25℃  Temperature Compensation: -4mV/℃/Cell
Effect of temp. to Capacity 40℃ (104℉)   103%
25℃ (77℉)     100%
0℃ (32℉)       86%


  • High efficiency and long life: GEL lead-acid batteries adopt advanced GEL technology, which makes them have excellent cycle life and deep discharge capacity. This means you can confidently rely on this battery to provide long-lasting, reliable power to your devices.
  • Zero maintenance design: GEL batteries do not need to add water regularly, and there is no leakage problem, making your maintenance work easier and more convenient. Its closed structure effectively prevents electrolyte leakage, making your application environment safer.
  • High temperature adaptability: GEL batteries can maintain stable performance no matter in high temperature or low temperature environment. This makes it an ideal energy storage option outdoors and in harsh environments.
  • Low self-discharge rate: GEL lead-acid batteries have an extremely low self-discharge rate, and can maintain a state of charge even if they are not used for a long time, ensuring that electricity is always available when you need it.



Whether you’re looking for an efficient home energy storage solution, or need reliable commercial power support, our GEL batteries can meet your needs. Choose our GEL battery, choose the smart choice of reliability, high efficiency and future energy! Contact us now to learn more about our outstanding range of GEL batteries and let’s usher in a new era of energy storage together!

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