What Is the Electrolyte of OPzS Battery?

The electrolyte used in OPzS (Omnipower Zinc-calcium cell with Tubular plates and Filling pastes) batteries is typically a dilute solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) mixed with water. This type of battery is a type of lead-acid battery, similar to the more common flooded lead-acid batteries. However, OPzS batteries are known for their robust construction and reliability, making them suitable for applications where long-term performance and reliability are critical, such as telecommunications, renewable energy systems, and backup power supplies.

In OPzS batteries, the electrolyte is usually in a gel or immobilized form, which helps prevent spills and leakage, making them more suitable for stationary applications where maintenance might be less frequent. The sulfuric acid in the electrolyte facilitates the electrochemical reactions that occur during charging and discharging of the battery, allowing the exchange of ions between the positive and negative plates to produce electrical energy.


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