Which is better, lithium battery or lead-acid battery?

Lithium and lead-acid batteries are two common battery types that differ greatly in construction, performance, and application:

  1. Chemical composition:
    • Lithium battery: Lithium compounds are used as positive and negative electrode materials, such as lithium iron phosphate lithium battery (LiFePO4) and lithium ion battery (Li-ion).
    • Lead-acid batteries: use lead and acid (usually sulfuric acid) as the positive and negative electrode materials.
  2. Energy density:
    • Lithium battery: has high energy density, so it is light in weight and small in size, suitable for use in portable equipment and electric vehicles.
    • Lead-acid battery: low energy density, relatively heavy and bulky, mainly used for emergency power supply and car starting.
  3. Charge and discharge efficiency:
    • Lithium batteries: generally have higher charge and discharge efficiency, can be charged in a shorter time, and provide a longer-lasting power supply.
    • Lead-acid batteries: lower charging and discharging efficiency, longer charging time, more frequent maintenance required.
  4. Cycle life:
    • Lithium batteries: generally have a longer cycle life and are capable of more charge and discharge cycles.
    • Lead Acid Batteries: Relatively short lifespan, especially at deep discharges with fewer cycles.
  5. Environmental impact:
    • Lithium battery: Relatively environmentally friendly and does not contain heavy metal pollutants, but recycling still needs attention.
    • Lead Acid Batteries: Contains hazardous substances such as lead and requires special handling to prevent environmental pollution.


Generally speaking, lithium batteries have advantages in terms of high performance, light weight and long life, while lead-acid batteries are more prominent in terms of economy and cost. Which battery to choose depends on the specific application requirements and usage scenarios.


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