Demand of UPS Power Supply System in Communication Power

As people’s demand for communication transactions grows, the evolution of communication power sources, as predicted a few years ago, has evolved to a tightly integrated form of communication. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of power supply, the communication power supply will use DC power supply as the root power supply and co-exist using AC power supply. According to many applications of computer equipment, UPS equipment is increasingly used in communication power supply.

The development of communication power is inseparable from a reliable, stable, and uninterruptible power supply system. Only UPS uninterruptible power supplies can provide a safe, stable, and reliable uninterruptible power supply capability. Second, the development of science and technology, and the economic leap have promoted the large and necessary communication system. It is highly efficient, ensuring smooth communication and efficient transmission, which requires higher performance of the power supply, so the role and status of UPS.

1 The AC load needs to be equipped with a UPS with a load of at least 30kVA. The standby standby time must be 8 hours and the reliability must be very high. The UPS power supply should have dynamic data remote monitoring function;

2 For emergencies such as earthquakes and fires, it can provide remote or near remote quick shutdown function to avoid more serious losses in emergency;

3 Due to the limited space for installing UPS and batteries, UPS suppliers are required to increase the space utilization rate of equipment placement; full use of limited space resources is required;

4 The UPS backup battery must have a leak detection function; it can be used as an automatic reminder of battery inspection dates or replacement dates.


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