Influence of Temperature on Lead Acid Battery

As we all known, the optimum operating temperature for general storage batteries is between 15℃ and 25℃. In this temperature range, the battery can maintain the best working condition. Too high or too low temperature will have an impact on the service life of lead-acid batteries.

When the temperature rises, the speed of battery water loose increases. This accelerates the failure of lead-acid batteries by drying up. At the same time, too high temperature will cause an increase in the float current flow. Thereby the battery cycle life is shortened due to the accumulation of overcharge.

When the battery temperature is too high, there will be thermal runaway. Batteries generally generate heat during charging and discharging. If the battery is operated in a high temperature environment, the heat accumulated inside it will be difficult to dissipate.It may lead to battery overheating, water loss aggravated, internal resistance increased, more heat, and a vicious circle is generated. The shelf life test shows that the gel battery has low self-discharge rate and water loss, and the 100% capacity can be recovered. So the gel battery has a characteristic of long life.

At low temperatures, the battery’s charging efficiency and capacity will drop.In addition, when the temperature is low in winter, it can not be over-discharged. Otherwise, as the density of the electrolyte drops, the battery will freeze, causing the battery plate to burst and smash, and the battery casing bulge and other irreparable damage.

In daily use, the float voltage should be adjusted at any time as the season changes. Avoid overcharging and undercharging of the battery. Ensure that the battery is well ventilated, which helps the battery to dissipate heat. Controlling the appropriate temperature plays an important role in ensuring the reliability and safety of the power system.


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