What Is the Maximum Capacity of OPzV Battery?

The maximum capacity of an OPzV battery depends on the specific model and size of the battery. OPzV batteries are a type of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery that uses a gel electrolyte rather than a liquid electrolyte. They are known for their high cycle life and deep discharge capabilities, making them suitable for applications that require reliable backup power, such as telecommunications, renewable energy systems, and UPS systems.

OPzV batteries are available in a range of capacities, typically from around 100Ah to several thousand Ah. The maximum capacity of a specific OPzV battery will depend on its physical size and design, as well as the manufacturer’s specifications.

For example, a common size for OPzV batteries is the 2V cell, which can have capacities ranging from around 200Ah to 3000Ah or more, depending on the model. Larger OPzV batteries, such as those used in industrial applications, can have capacities of several thousand Ah.

It’s important to note that the capacity of a battery is typically specified at a specific discharge rate and temperature. The actual capacity of a battery can vary depending on factors such as the temperature, discharge rate, and age of the battery.


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